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Artwork by Martina Muller

Winner of Two Parents' Choice Awards
Lorraine Nelson Wolf continues her approach of providing gentle, nature
orientated songs about the change of seasons. Wolf's music hails a less
hurried time, where childhoods were lived outside, in wonder and
reverence for the natural world; instead of being indoors in
front of the computer, television or Gameboy screen.
Lahri Bond ©2009 Parents' Choice

Come Follow Me Volume One
Come Follow Me ranges from reverent to wonderfilled to whimsical. All are simple and beautifully arranged, with piano, accordion,
harp or guitar accompaniment.

Volume One Lyric


Come Follow Me! - Lorraine Nelson Wolf

Lorraine Nelson Wolf: Come Follow Me!

Come Follow Me Volume Two
More delightful songs you and your children
will love to sing. Arranged for harp, piano,
accordion, guitar, cello, violin,
and recorder.

Volume Two Lyric


Come Follow Me, Vol. Two - Lorraine Nelson Wolf

Lorraine Nelson Wolf: Come Follow Me, Vol. Two

Lorraine Nelson Wolf
Lorraine grew up in a house filled with music. Her mother was always singing, often accompanied by her father playing guitar. Remarkably, at age three, Lorraine could pick out her favorite melodies on the piano, and the whole family began making music together. At eight, Lorraine was composing songs and offering them as gifts to her friends. When she was eleven, she was already giving piano recitals and had taught herself to play the organ at her local church. So, it is no surprise that Lorraine became a professional musician. Lorraine's BIO

  • Lorraine's clear, soothing voice is full of warmth, making her CD a real listening pleasure not only for children but for us older folks as well. Sure to capture your heart, it did mine!
    -A Child's Dream Come True
  • I am so glad I purchased one of these for all of our staff at school and one for myself. The songs are contagious and full of "inner light". Our students are absorbing them!
    -M Millard Kindergarten Teacher, Portland, Oregon
  • These are songs that talk of beauty, nature, love, laughter and delight. Each CD is accompanied by a little booklet which contains the words to all the songs.
    -Home Educator s Family Times
  • Come Follow Me! is unlike almost every other children's album made in the last 20 years.
    Children will find these songs as inviting as the opening song, which invites them to
    "Come, follow, follow, follow me" through the year, with songs for all the seasons.

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